Returns & Exchanges

SeaportShop 30 Day Return Policy

We will accept your returned product without hassle for immediate full refund as long as the product is brand new, unopened, and unused within 30 days from the date of purchase. Generally, a straightforward return for an item that is brand new, unopened and returned to our facility within 30 days will receive a prompt full refund as noted without hassle or delay.

Refund Request : Please submit your request for a Return Authorization Number through our online Help Desk as soon as possible and certainly within our posted 30-Day Return Policy.

Return products for a refund must be within 30 days from the date of purchase and in the same condition you received them: brand new, original packaging, unopened, unused, saleable condition, and with all of the original accessories.

NOTE: In rare instances, we may impose a restocking fee or the charge of the shipping for the item to you in the event we feel the return for refund is not valid but more malicious.

We do reserve the right to impose a restocking fee in rare circumstances where we feel the customer is willfully abusing our return policy or has engaged in some other form of transaction that is not legitimate. In the event we are able to note return abuse - we reserve the right to deny your refund and return the item to you.

All merchandise we sell is brand new and protected by a full warranty. We sell only brand new merchandise in order to preserve quality control. We do not issue refunds for products that have been opened or repackaged. While it is rare for us to refuse any returns, please read the following to better assist you with your return request. Generally, returns are simple.

  • Customers must pay the Return Shipping Label and email us the Tracking Number for all refund and exchange requests (USPS is the required delivery carrier).
  • SeaportShop is not responsible for compatibility issues, configuration support, or installation. All products we sell are brand new and listed with manufacturer specifications.
  • As with any product selection, you the customer, should read the description of the item and system requirements before purchasing. All listings are 100% accurate.
  • Customer is solely responsible for system configurations, compatability and desired features. If you select a product without reading the specifications, you are responsible.
  • Your return must be the same product we sold you: Model Number, Version Number, Serial Numbers, MAC Addresses and other information will be verified with our records.
  • All returns must be brand new, unopened and received within the 30-day return policy period or the request for a refund will be denied.
  • We may open the product to verify the contents and if the product appears to have been tampered, repackaged, removed or modified.
  • If the product has been opened or repackaged, it is considered USED. Used product is not refundable.
  • If you have a product you wish to return and you have exceeded the 30 days return policy period, you are valid for warranty service only with manufacturer support.
  • Multi-Component bundle's and Security Camera Systems; component parts may be exchanged with manufacturer support or component replacements parts only.
  • Printers with Ink and Toner that has been opened or used constutes a used opened item and is not refundable, exchange only.
  • Refunds must be issued to the same credit card, debit card, or other form of payment used in the original transaction.
  • SeaportShop does not charge restocking fees for returns that are requested with a valid RMA; noting we do not accept used, opened or otherwise damaged merchandise.
  • Refused and/or Return to Sender deliveries will incur a 25% handling fee plus related shipping costs once we have received and verified the contents of the shipment.
  • There are NO restocking fees on approved returns with a valid RMA procedure submitted. We only charge a handling fee plus related shipping costs related to "Refused" and/or "Return to Sender" shipments. Do not ship an item to our facility without obtaining a valid RMA - it will be refused and returned back to you.
  • Any product returned to SeaportShop without prior authorization from us will be considered an unauthorized return: You will not receive credit for the product and SeaportShop will not ship the product back to you.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any request for refund where we feel the request is not valid or the intended purpose of seeking a refund violates our posted policy.
  • Finally, if you return an item, please be certain the item is received at our facility within the 30 day return policy period. Products received after 30 days will not be considered.

Product Must Be Brand New & Verified

  • BRAND NEW means "unopened", "unused", and "not tampered with in any way".
  • Verified means we will inspect and confirm the accuracy of serial numbers.

Special Return Policy on Printers and Scanners:

* Opened printers or scanners are for even exchange only if deemed defective. Opened Ink and Toner is non-refundable.

SeaportShop does not provide return shipping labels. You receive free shipping on every order for delivery, if you wish to return an item (brand new or defective), you are responsible for shipping back to our facility. We always provide free shipping with every order to your destination. Free return shipping is not provided for refunds or exchange. If you require a replacement, please consider manufacturer support before requesting a replacement.

While it is rare to refuse a request for refund, SeaportShop will refuse a customer return for the following when the returned product has:

  • A different serial number than the one SeaportShop originally shipped.
  • Has been opened, used, repackaged, resealed, tampered, wear and tear, modified in any way, or it not saleable as brand new.
  • Missing parts or missing the original product packing material.
  • Ink cartridge is either missing, opened or used with respect to Printers and related devices.
  • Damage because it was improperly packaged for return shipment to our facility.
  • Damage from drops, spilled liquid, or mishandling.
  • Returned to our facility without first obtaining a valid RMA number.
  • Return and exchange request exceeding 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Claims arising from Firmware, Software updates or Security patches. Updates are not a functional defect, support is required.

SeaportShop 30-Day Exchange Policy from the date of purchase must be received at our facility within the 30 day return policy period.

We will gladly provide you an exchange for the same item if the item is defective  and within 30 days of purchase. Prior to issuance of an exchange, we will verify the product and claim.

Exchange Request: Please submit your request for a Return Authorization Number through our online Help Desk as soon as possible and certainly within our posted 30-Day Exchange Policy.

If you experienced a defective or non-functional item, we will gladly exchange the item for the same item once we receive the item and have verified it is the item we sold you. We may first require the manufacturer to verify the item is defective in order to avoid costly exchanges where the item is not defective but rather an opinion. We do reserve the right to provide an exchange for any item were neglect, damage to the product or consequential failure occurs as a result of customization, firmware or innappropriate wear and usage of the item.

If you experienced a malfunction or defect with your purchase, you may exchange your opened product to SeaportShop within 30 days from the date of purchase for the same item.

  • Customers must pay the Return Shipping Label and email us the Tracking Number for all refund and exchange requests (USPS Shipping only).
  • In the event you experience a defect, malfunction, or non-performing product, please allow us to correct the situation with a timely replacement and/or exchange.
  • If you have opened or used the product, we will only exchange the merchandise for the same product and model number.
  • Defects are related to performance, functional units. Software, Firmware, Security plugins and security patches are not qualified as a defective product - support only.

While we make every effort to provide you the best products at the lowest prices, it is inevitable to have a defect or malfunction from time to time. Understanding this is why stands by all its products and services 100% and will always make every effort to satisfy the customer.


You may elect to contact the perspective manufacturer for warranty related service as most products listed have a full manufacturer warranty.

  • Warranty service from the manufacturer is an option where the 30-Day exchange period has expired. The warranty does not cover negligence or damage due to normal wear and tear.
  • Manufacturer warranty periods vary from each product and model number, please reference your product for warranty related details or contact our company if you need further assistance.




SeaportShop Delivery

SeaportShop is not responsible for merchandise once it has been delivered to your address. When SeaportShop receives notification from our carrier, either USPS or FedEx, where the merchandise shipment has been delivered (proof of delivery), you the customer are the single sole person responsible for the delivery at this point. All orders contain tracking details; we monitor the tracking details as a matter of formality to conclude when and where the merchandise has been delivered. When we receive tracking details where the merchandise has been "DELIVERED", we conclude the transaction complete. All transactions are only shipped to the credit card holder billing address.

If USPS or FedEx is not able to complete the delivery of the merchandise, your order will be returned to our facility where we will inspect the merchandise and prompty issue a refund following any policy guidelines agreed upon during the checkout process that include handling fees where the order has been "Returned to Sender" or "Refused" the delivery. If a customer request the package be "Refused" for delivery or the package has "Returned to Sender" with the carrier, we do administer a handling fee since the proper procedure for RMA and the return policy has been disregarded by the customer.

  • We are not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to the merchandise once the package has been delivered to your address.
  • All shipments require signature upon delivery - No Exceptions.



Please contact our company for additional assistance and we are always happy to help our customers in order to maintain your confidence and satisfaction.

      • Request outside the return policy period of 30 days of refunds and exchanges will not be acknowledged.
      • We reserve the right to modify our posted return and exchange policy at any time. Modifications are not retroactive; therefore, the policy in place at the time of your request is the only policy.